Hendra Kharisma

How to predict baby gender, this question may come to every parents when a mother get pregnant. The parents can’t wait to find out whether the child conceived is a boy or a girl. Every parents want to give their best for their children. Some of them have prepare everything

Nowadays, how to determine baby gender is quite easy. The difficulties on guessing baby’s gender is no longer use the traditional method because the accuracy is less than 50 percents. The modern technologies in medicine field help a lot people especially to answer the mother’s question on how to determine

Today, choose baby gender is interesting topic for marriage couple. When the wife wants to pregnant, the couple usually likes to predict what gender of their baby that they want.  Believe it or not, the power to choose the baby gender is a power that many couples in this world

Chinese is known with their ancient heritage cultures. There are a lot of ancient discoveries which we can use until now. For example is Chinese chart for baby gender which is made by hundreds years ago. The function is to help people to predict the baby’s gender. Some rumors said

For all the pregnant mothers, you will be in the exciting time now. You will prepare what your baby need after they born in this world. One of the needs is the beautiful name for your beautiful and cute baby. There are 2 name’s choice, boy and girl names. Most

How-to install Red5 server on CentOS 7 You asked – i did it. First of all, you have to update the system # yum update -y Then, install openjdk 1.8.0 # yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel -y Install Ant # cd /usr/local/src # wget http://archive.apache.org/dist/ant/binaries/apache-ant-1.9.6-bin.tar.gz # tar zxvf apache-ant-1.9.6-bin.tar.gz # mv apache-ant-1.9.6/ /usr/local/ant Exports # wget

I’m using Virtualmin to manage a Centos 5.7 machine. When trying to use FileZilla to access the server using ftp I kept getting the following errors: Status: Resolving address of servername.com Status: Connecting to IP_ADDRESS:21… Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message… Response: 220 FTP Server ready. Command: USER my_username