Definisi Paypal

Kebijaksanaan perlindungan tertulis untuk pembeli yang menggunakan Paypal menyatakan pembeli yang menggunakan Paypal dapat melakukan komplain dalam waktu 45 hari jika pembeli belum mendapatkan barang yang dipesan atau jika barang yang dipesan tidak sesuai deskripsi yang di beritahukan penjual. Jika pembeli menggunakan kartu kredit akan mendapatkan pengembalian uang chargeback dari perusahaan kartu kreditnya Paypal juga melindungi penjual dari pengembalian uang atau komplain tergantung situasi dan pembuktian. Kebijakan perlindungan tertulis untuk penjual dirancang untuk melindungi penjual dari klaim pembeli yang mengaku telah mengirim uang yang tidak ada catatan bukti pembayarannya, setiap pembelian menggunakan Paypal selalu ada catatan bukti pembayarannya di accountContinue reading… Definisi Paypal

Naif – Dimana aku disini

Naif bilakah engkau mengerti semua yg ada di hatiku ini ku hanya ingin dekatmu namun kau slalu menyadarkan aku bukan engkau reff: kau yg selalu bilang, selalu bilang tuk tetap aku di sini takkan berarti bahwa yg kau bilang, yg kau bilang kita saling memiliki dimana aku di sini dimana aku di sini dimana aku di sini pernahkah engkau sadari bahwa kau selalu menyadarkan aku bukan engkau repeat reff

Tips on Understanding the Dangers of Spyware and Adware

Money is the very crux of adware and spyware. These pose several problems and are a security risk. Adware is a program that displays advertisements on the computer whether you want them or not. They are not just connected to particular websites or free software but are programmed to start up whenever your computer is switched on. Programs like Eudora mail client display advertisements in lieu of charging registration fees for use of software. It helps developers recover program development costs. Kazaa the file sharing application comes bundled with at least three ad-ware programs. Two of them serve ads toContinue reading… Tips on Understanding the Dangers of Spyware and Adware

10 Reasons Why Vista is Much More Than a Spoon Full of Sugar

Every new operating system comes with advanced and much improved features. What is exciting to some is not so to others. Basically within a new system each user has his or her own individual preferences. Windows Vista or Longhorn as it was first known is a replacement for XP and is the “new” desk operating system scheduled to be launched by December 2006. Descriptions of Vista are glowing; it is seen as a vision of the future. High definition graphics, the ‘z’ level in organization, greater clarity, unbelievable security, and boundless thinking power are what it is about. The operatingContinue reading… 10 Reasons Why Vista is Much More Than a Spoon Full of Sugar

13 Comparisons of Vista vs Tiger

Competitive and fast are two terms that are applicable to the world of computers. Constantly changing and evolving computer systems bring many advantages to the users and techies alike. The race for supremacy between the yet to be launched Vista (scheduled for 2006) and Mac OSX Tiger began in 2003 with Microsoft’s announcements of plans for an integrated desktop search functionality in Windows Vista. While opinions vary and are really personal choices in many ways, the following sums up the functionalities between Vista and Tiger.

Simple Steps – Protect your Computer Online

So you’ve bought your computer and want to get online? It’s not as simple as connect the wire and off you go these day’s. The internet is a weird and wonderful place as long as you can control what you do. That’s why you need to protect yourself. These can be done in a number of very simple steps. This article will get you started but you should always try to be smart when your surfing the net! Step 1: Anti-Virus Scanner Whether you’re connecting to the internet or not, you need an Anti-Virus scanner. Your computer can become infectedContinue reading… Simple Steps – Protect your Computer Online

Practical Use of Open Source Code Software

As we started the project of our web site, we knew that the proprietary software costs would be too high for our financial resources. Our only option then was to make use of Open Source Code softwares. However, within the Open Source Code there are lots of softwares to choose from, and it´s up to the system analyst/programmer to pick the ones that best suit the project goals.

Stop Smoking – 7 Ways To Kick The Habit

Hands up if you want to stop smoking but don’t know where to start. Or more accurately, hands up if you’ve tried to stop smoking without much success. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and the cigerette is an extremely effective delivery device. So it’s going to be a real fight and it will take all your willpower to stop. However, there are a number of ways that you can boost your motivation to get rid of this deadly habit. But before we take a look at them, there are three things to bear in mind. First, you must wantContinue reading… Stop Smoking – 7 Ways To Kick The Habit

The Effects of Cocaine on the Human Brain

The human brain weighs approximately three pounds and influences everything a person does. You may not realize it, but your brain is not the same today as it was yesterday or last month. The brain is a continuously changing collection of cells. When you learn something new or have a new experience, new synapses form. Some synapses get stronger, or some synapses may even disappear. Your brain even enables you to feel pleasure. Whenever you do something that you enjoy, such as eating your favorite snack, drinking a cold drink on a hot summer day, or laughing with your friends,Continue reading… The Effects of Cocaine on the Human Brain

Smoking Reduction Therapy

Nicotine Nasal Spray: Nicotine is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream through a prescription nasal spray. The spray eliminates cravings and withdrawal symptoms when used. The FDA alerts the user to addictive properties inherent in the nasal spray and does not allow it to be prescribed for longer than 6 months. Side effects include: runny nose, sneezing, throat irritation, coughing, watery eyes and nasal irritation. Nasal spray is not recommended for those with allergies, asthma, nasal polyps or sinus problems. See your doctor for alternatives. Nicotine inhaler- A prescription method developed in 1998. The inhaler is similar to smoking a cigarette,Continue reading… Smoking Reduction Therapy