Kebijaksanaan perlindungan tertulis untuk pembeli yang menggunakan Paypal menyatakan pembeli yang menggunakan Paypal dapat melakukan komplain dalam waktu 45 hari jika pembeli belum mendapatkan barang yang dipesan atau jika barang yang dipesan tidak sesuai deskripsi yang di beritahukan penjual. Jika pembeli menggunakan kartu kredit akan mendapatkan pengembalian uang chargeback dari

Naif bilakah engkau mengerti semua yg ada di hatiku ini ku hanya ingin dekatmu namun kau slalu menyadarkan aku bukan engkau reff: kau yg selalu bilang, selalu bilang tuk tetap aku di sini takkan berarti bahwa yg kau bilang, yg kau bilang kita saling memiliki dimana aku di sini dimana

Money is the very crux of adware and spyware. These pose several problems and are a security risk. Adware is a program that displays advertisements on the computer whether you want them or not. They are not just connected to particular websites or free software but are programmed to start

Competitive and fast are two terms that are applicable to the world of computers. Constantly changing and evolving computer systems bring many advantages to the users and techies alike. The race for supremacy between the yet to be launched Vista (scheduled for 2006) and Mac OSX Tiger began in 2003

So you’ve bought your computer and want to get online? It’s not as simple as connect the wire and off you go these day’s. The internet is a weird and wonderful place as long as you can control what you do. That’s why you need to protect yourself. These can

As we started the project of our web site, we knew that the proprietary software costs would be too high for our financial resources. Our only option then was to make use of Open Source Code softwares. However, within the Open Source Code there are lots of softwares to choose

Nicotine Nasal Spray: Nicotine is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream through a prescription nasal spray. The spray eliminates cravings and withdrawal symptoms when used. The FDA alerts the user to addictive properties inherent in the nasal spray and does not allow it to be prescribed for longer than 6 months.

The human brain weighs approximately three pounds and influences everything a person does. You may not realize it, but your brain is not the same today as it was yesterday or last month. The brain is a continuously changing collection of cells. When you learn something new or have a

Hands up if you want to stop smoking but don’t know where to start. Or more accurately, hands up if you’ve tried to stop smoking without much success. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and the cigerette is an extremely effective delivery device. So it’s going to be a real