By Rob Pilger Step. 1 Why all the 30,50, 75 reps of abs crunches per, reverse crunches, or oblique crunches per set? I bet your back hurts from performing that many reps doesn’t it? Try training your abdominals using loaded reps of 12, 15, and even 20 reps. You see,

Perhaps the carpet should have been crimson, instead of the red. Twenty-two years after having returned its beginning of Hollywood in the film version of the color of the walker of Alice “crimson” and two years after its beginning of Broadway as producer of musical of the same name, Oprah

The largest super hero of Hollywood now has the greatest beginning of box-office. The “Spider-Man 3” returned a disc $59 million domestiquement the Friday day of opening, breaking the high absolute preceding one of $55.8 million for “pirates of the Caribbean: The trunk of the man died” in its first

by Ebet Sanders Shirts and T-shirts have always been in fashion! No matter the meaning you give to the word, shirts are fancy outfits suitable for any kind of activity. Newly, you can purchase any type of shirt just by choosing model, size and price on web sites all over

As she wages a personal war against sugars, packaged foods, and other nutritional saboteurs, Seinfeld offers appetizing alternatives for parents who find themselves succumbing to the fastest and easiest–and least healthy–choices available to them. From The Publisher: It has become common knowledge that childhood obesity rates are increasing every year.

By: Paul Wilson Banks and their marketing associates and divisions are vying with one another to capture a thick slice of the “credit card pie.” Offers by phone and mail of free credit cards, pre-approved credit cards, cards with special bonanzas, money back schemes, low introductory rates, and umpteen other

Submitted By: Diane Corriette Women Internet Marketers is an online membership site created by Personal Growth Coach Diane Corriette to support more women in managing and succeeding online. The membership site is due to launch in October 2007 but has opened in pre-launch between June and October. It is free

By: Ian Stables A brilliant idea I ran across the other day meant I could get a large cash sum in about 3 days. All it meant is that I bought an item on eBay which had resale rights and struck up an agreement with a powerseller. Before I explain

By: Kevin Anthony Selling on Ebay can be a good hobby or a nice profitable business for others. I like to sell on Ebay and other auction sites for both of these reasons. Below I will list some of the things that have helped me out enormously through trial and