If your system hangs about 2 or 3 minutes at startup, where you can’t access the Start button or the Taskbar, it may be due to one specific service (Background Intelligent Transfer) running in the background. Microsoft put out a patch for this but it didn’t work for me. Here’s

For Users with 256 MB RAM or more this tweak will boost their Windows- and Game-Performance. What it does: It tells Windows not to use any Swap File until there is really no more free RAM left. Open the System Configuration Utility by typing msconfig.exe in the RUN command. There

Open notepad.exe, type “del c:\windows\prefetch\ntosboot-*.* /q” (without the quotes) & save as “ntosboot.bat” in c:\ From the Start menu, select “Run…” & type “gpedit.msc”. Double click “Windows Settings” under “Computer Configuration” and double click again on “Shutdown” in the right window. In the new window, click “add”, “Browse”, locate your

If you have a 3min+ or slower boot time where Windows XP seems to sit for 2+ or so minutes with the XP logo doing nothing before everything comes to life, then do the following. Download Bootvis from Microsoft and run it the next time you boot. Do a ‘Trace’

To change from FAT 32 to NTFS for more stability and security, open the command prompt and type: “Convert C: /FS:NTFS”. Make sure there is a space between the C: and the foward slash (/). Once you press enter it will ask you for confirmation and press

If XP will not install from the CD or if you have a new drive with no operating system on it yet try these: Install Windows XP from the hard drive with Windows 98 already installed: Boot Windows 98 Insert the XP CD into your CD reader Explore Windows XP

It is possible to disable XP splash screen, which will slightly speed up the overall boot process. Be aware that removing the splash screen will also cause you not to see any boot-up messages that might come up (chkdsk, convert … ), but if your system runs without any problems

I don’t know about every Windows installation, but my XP installed and defaulted to 60Hz refresh rate. This is the speed at which the stuff you see on your screen updates. The faster the better. 60Hz is pretty poor. Go on the web and find the driver for your monitor