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For all the pregnant mothers, you will be in the exciting time now. You will prepare what your baby need after they born in this world. One of the needs is the beautiful name for your beautiful and cute baby. There are 2 name’s choice, boy and girl names.

Most of parents want their baby get their family name as identity. Parent believes that it will strengthen the family’s bond. You also have to make sure that the newborn will be happy with their name. It is important because the name is with him or her for the rest of their live. If they don’t like their name, it can’t decrease their self-concept and self-esteem. They will not have good motivation because their identity that you gave to them is being mockery by their friends. We don’t want it happen to our children.

The solution is, first you have to give your children name that tells the gender. There are boy and girl names. When you give your baby with familiar-boy name, it could be difficult for the new person to predict her sex although physically she is a girl. For example, you give a name Jason for your children, but actually your children is a female. The difficulty is in her new relation who does not see her yet. They will think that she is a boy because of her name is boy-familiar name.

Second after they get their name, give your children understanding about their name. Parents should responsible with this, because who given the name to their children is them not the children. Some of parent tells the meaning of the name directly to their children when the parents think that the children understand enough. Don’t be wrong to give your children name because it is their first identity in this world.

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