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Today, choose baby gender is interesting topic for marriage couple. When the wife wants to pregnant, the couple usually likes to predict what gender of their baby that they want.  Believe it or not, the power to choose the baby gender is a power that many couples in this world want it.

When we imagine many years ago, we can’t choose our baby’s gender even with technology, but now medical field has solved that problem. There is Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). It is a standard for sex-linked genetic disorder and it is available just for medical reason in United Kingdom (UK). The process involves in-vitro fertilization and hormonal treatment. In in-vitro fertilization, doctor will remove one cell of embryo, analysis the chromosome and DNA after 3 days in-vitro fertilization. Actually sperm brings X-chromosome (female) or Y-chromosome (male) and an egg always brings X-Chromosome. The process is in the sterile tube. The doctor will choose the chosen sperm which the patient needs and fertile it with an egg.  After fertilization, doctor will inject the embryo into the mother’s uterus.

The process to choose baby gender is like this, the doctor will take patient’s sperm and an egg. After that sperms and an egg will be placed in the sterile place. Doctor just analyzes the sperms’ chromosome. The purpose is to make sure that the baby’s gender is prepared like the patient want. Doctor will choose the good X or Y chromosome to be fertilized with an egg which brings X-chromosome. With hormonal treatment and analyze the DNA, we can know the result of the fertilization will be XX chromosome (girl) or XY chromosome (boy). After the fertilization and the doctor is sure the baby’s gender, the embryo will be injected into the mother’s uterus.

For your information, choose baby gender is taboo for the doctor because they want to keep the birth of male and female naturally.

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