How to Determine Baby Gender

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Nowadays, how to determine baby gender is quite easy. The difficulties on guessing baby’s gender is no longer use the traditional method because the accuracy is less than 50 percents. The modern technologies in medicine field help a lot people especially to answer the mother’s question on how to determine baby gender. The mother will be happy because the way is simple. We just go to the hospital and do USG or Ultrasonography scan.

What is USG actually? It is a modern medical tool to how determine the baby gender by using ultrasound waves (Levis, Sophia. 2011). Ultrasound waves is a sound that human can’t hear because the frequency is greater than the upper limit (Wikipedia). It can measure the depth of the baby’s location. The waves actually can go through the bones. With waves that have been measured, the doctors usually can determine the baby’s location. First step to use USG scan is the mother will lie down to the bed and her stomach will be spread the special gel. The function of special gel is to help the ultrasound waves reach the baby’s physical condition easily. The high frequency of Ultrasound waves will be penetrated the uterus and reflected back to the tools. After that, the reflection will be projected on the screen. The image will be seen many times to show that the baby is alive. It will create many continuous images of baby so that we can determine the baby’s gender, the hearth beat and also the size.

The time for pregnant mother can use it is between 4-5 months of pregnancy. At that time the mother can know whether the baby has penis and scrotum for a boy or labia for a girl. Actually, when you are in the hospital and do your USG scan, the doctor will explain you more about how to determine baby gender.

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