How to extract multi-part zip files

Have you ever seen these file ?

  • zipfiles.z01
  • zipfiles.z02
  • zipfiles.z03
  • ……
  • zipfiles.z10

These are the multi-part of zipped files, which mean  one big file are to big to make archive so it should split  into several files. These files were created by winzip. Probably for many people (included me) it such a weird file, and they don’t know how to extract the file archives.

After my research in whole google how to extract it, here i want to share to you how to extract it.

For window platform
There are so many software has support for these extension such as winzip, winrar, 7-zip, and many other, put those file in one folder, and then just click with your supported software above, and whala…. the file  extracted.

For linux platform
The problem for newbie user in linux is they don’t now how to combine the command within. I got the problem too with these platform, but that’s why i like most with this platform, it challenged me to know. Alright then here the command for solve this problem.

hendra-k@server $ cat zipfiles.* >
hendra-k@server $ zip -F
hendra-k@server $ unzip

here the description for these command above :

hendra-k@server $ cat zipfiles.* >
= merging those file into one full zipped file

hendra-k@server $ zip -F
= Fixing the archive of the overall zipped files

hendra-k@server $ unzip
= Extract the full zipped fil

Hope this tutorial is usefull for you

46 thoughts on “How to extract multi-part zip files

  1. As a newbie :d this was very helpful

  2. @Brian
    hi brian
    thanks for your visiting to my blog, hope its helpful

  3. Great little tutorial, but shouldn’t it be >> not > ?

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  5. Thanks that was great help!

  6. dont fucking get it

  7. Why bother linux anyways only gives you crap, i’m only trying to get a XP Pro image and it can’t even fucking unrar a file or deal with a multi-zip file8-|

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  10. For that there is a many programs,but me like this tool-repairing zip files,exactly it could helped me,very popular freeware tool, it permits to save a lot of free space, when storing data,supports all Windows operating systems, starting from Windows 98, i.e. Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista,can see such messages, like Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive, CRC error or some other failures,will see a list of files, that can be recovered, registered customers can save the files to HDD and finish with recovery process.

  11. THANK YOU!! linux commands useful for os x.

  12. @jordi: interesting, I have just unzipped multi-part zip file and unrar-ed the file that was in there (in Linux of course). So I guess the problem is in you, not in Linux. 🙂

    (don’t ask me why someone sent me such files – windows users do all sorts of weird things)

    But yes, unzip should support the multi-part unzipping without workarounds. We are all waiting for the next major version.

  13. Good job, I was looking for that. Couldn’t find it less faster, 4th link, first page of Googling.

  14. There are 4 parts of zip file (wmv). But I have only part 1 & 2, And I cannot find part 3 & 4. Thus, can I extract only part 1 &2, then see it by movie player?

    Please help to advise!

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Short and clean tutorial! Thank you!

    PS – I was trying to merge IZarc multi-part archive on Linux. Your site was very helpful.

  16. sudo aptitude -y install p7zip-full


  17. Or, if you’re not on Ubuntu, install the “p7zip-full” package of your distribution.

  18. Thank you so much!

  19. Can I extract **.zip without z02,z03,…..


  20. Thank you for this tutorial! The man page told me what needed to be done, but not really how to do it.

    The only change I’d see is that when I ran the command:

    zip -F

    I recieved the following:

    zip: reading
    zip: warning: would be truncated.
    Retry with option -qF to truncate, with -FF to attempt full recovery

    I used the -FF, but I don’t know if it will work or should be recommended…It’s still reading the file (4 hours later).

  21. Thanks a lot 🙂
    It work even on multipart archives with password, but you have to use -P modifier for unzip command

  22. How do you do this in windows with winzip. I did what was posted, but there was no whala, no unzipped, combined 4 files. files are .z01-.z04

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  24. Thanks very much for the hint.
    It was the -F</code bit that I was missing.

    Much appreciated

  25. Thanks very much for the hint.
    It was the -F bit that I was missing.

    Much appreciated

  26. I think it may be very slow with large files, which may also imply in a problem of space, depending on the size. There must be some non-gui or even gui way to do it in a more straightforward way. The stupid ark first tries to copy any archive it’s going to uncompress to the depths of some obscure ~/.kde/ subfolder, instead of just using the files right where they are.

  27. zip -F for me resulted in “Missing or empty zip file”, even though the file has 5.1 GB.

    I’m not complaining to the post’s author, this is just an aimless rant/sort of advice.

  28. Thanks hendra for this tutorial! It saves my lots of time.

  29. Worked for me in Ubuntu 10.4 – thanks!

  30. Thanks man, you saved my life 😉 It’s very usefull for newbies in linux like me.

  31. hey thanks a lot, the Linux part works like a charm

  32. What the hell is a “whala”?

    You must mean “voila”, French for “look”.

  33. thanks, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do this on ubuntu

  34. Thank you… it really works!!

  35. Thankyou, this was exactly what I was looking for, you would assume the archivers would detect this on linux!

  36. Hi,

    I tried unpacking them with 7zip. But it just says “Can’t open file as archive”. But when I doubleclick it shows that there is a file inside, but I just can’t extract it. Any idea how this can be solved?
    Does it matter whether I start with the first file or with the last to unzip?


  37. The optionhendra-k@server $ zip -F is not working for me
    It ask’s me to specify an output.
    Which I then do
    hendra-k@server $ zip -F –out zipfile-full.zipBut it doesn’t work.
    What can I do.

  38. Thank you very much. It works perfect.

  39. Unfortunately this is wrong about 7zip
    I really wish people would test things out before saying it would work.
    this isn’t the only place that guessed about 7zip though
    The part about concatenating the files might work, but you have to be careful to get them in the right order otherwise it won’t work and depending on the OS the * might list out the files in a different order which means then that that answer won’t work either

  40. Thanks, thanks and thanks again! This thing helped me alot!

  41. I know this is quite old, but google is THE problem solver these days.

    I downloaded 4 files. 3 were 100mb each (file.z01, file.z02, file.z03) and a 47mb one, “”. Obviously the last part of a th full archive is the smallest one. Here’s what I did…

    $ mv file.z04
    $ cat file.* >
    $ zip -FF --out
    $ unzip

  42. Nowadays you don’t need to merge the files on linux. “zip -F” automatically recognises that the input file is a multi-part archive.

    zip -F –out

    This is a solution i found while trying your solution ;) Thanks for that

  43. Every time i need it, i found it there !

    I always forgot about -FF zip command. Very useful for multipart file.

    cheers !


  44. )
    cat archive.* >

    Solved my problem. Although, i had to use 7za [p7zip] to extract the combined archive.

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