Midori no hibi

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Midori no HibiTitleMidori no Hibi
Official Sitehttp://www.midorinohibi.com/
Total Episodes13 (13 x 24)
GenresComedy, Ecchi
Year Published2004
Studio Studio Pierrot
US DistributionMedia Blasters

This story is about Sawamura Seiji, a chivalrous, though delinquent, high school student, who is popular among younger students. However, because of his bad reputation, he spends his youth without a girlfriend. His lonely life is thrown into upheavel when, all of a sudden, a girl appears in place of his right hand!

The girl’s name is Kasugano Midori. She is very shy and has secretly been in love with Seiji for a long time. In the face of this strange circumstance, she keeps on believing in herself wholeheartedly as Seiji’s right hand lover. As a consequence, Midori now lives together with Seiji and the two begin to live they’re grotesque co-existence together in secrecy!

10 thoughts on “Midori no hibi

  1. Salam kenal
    Waa… doyan anime jg ya. Ambassador yg animenya lengkap di sebelah mana ya. Pengen cari anime dr studio gibli neh.

  2. @aRdho

    Boleh2 ajah sehh gw kirimin .. nehh perincian nya

    1. Biaya DVD = $15
    2. shipping cost to amsterdam = $134
    3. biaya ke kantor pos = $5 (blm termsk makan)
    4. biaya makan dll = $10

    total = $164

    begitulah kira2 perinciannya utk sampe ke amsterdam :d

    sekian dan terima kasih 😛

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